Terms and Conditions

By attending an event hosted by The 1086 Club, or co-hosted by The 1086 Club you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. You are attending and taking part in the activities at your own risk.

2. You are agreeing to be thoughtful and careful with regards to other people at the club. We reserve the right to refuse entry or expel anyone behaving in an unacceptable manner.

3. You are agreeing to being included in any photography taking place. If you do not wish to be photographed please make this clear to the organisers or any of the helpers of The 1086 Club.

4. You are agreeing to photographs taken at The 1086 Club events or co-hosted events being used in marketing, communication and social media by The 1086 Club or any of it’s attendees.

5. You are agreeing not to use talc or any other substance on the dance floor.

6. You are agreeing to leave your personal possessions at the venue at your own risk. The 1086 Club is not responsible for any possessions of attendees at their events or co-hosted events.

7. You are agreeing to report any accident, no matter how minor, to the organisers of The 1086 Club or any of their helpers. An accident record will be completed and you will be given a copy. The 1086 Club is not responsible for the welfare of any of the attendees to their events or co-hosted event.

8. The 1086 Club does not accept any responsibility for injury or damage to clothing or possessions of any member who is taking part in activities provided by The 1086 Club.

Terms and conditions of ticket purchases.

If you purchase a ticket for any 1086 Club event or co-hosted event, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of attendance and the following terms and conditions- for yourself and anyone you have bought a ticket for.

1. Tickets are not refundable but they are transferable – you must make you own arrangements to transfer the ticket should you not require it and you must make The 1086 Club aware of the ticket transfer otherwise it becomes invalid. Please email The 1086 Club at info@the1086club.co.uk if you need to make any transfers or changes.

2. You must produce the ticket to gain entry – either printed or on a digital device. The 1086 Club reserves the right to refuse entry upon failure to produce a ticket. If you have purchased a GENDER BALANCED ticket you must come with your gender balanced partner otherwise you may not gain entry.

3. The 1086 Club reserves the right to refuse entry even if a ticket has been purchased. A reason does not have to be given – however – in these circumstances a refund may be applied for by emailing info@the1086club.co.uk. A refund will only be issued at The 1086 Club’s discretion and The 1086 Club reserves the right to refuse a refund.